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Hearing Aids in Mayfield, OH

  • 1438 SOM Center Road Suite 101
  • Mayfield , OH 44124

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Located in the Professional/Gallucci Building


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Check out Holly’s Hearing Aid Center in Mayfield, Ohio, where you will be so satisfied with your hearing aid service that you’ll be a customer for life. Located in the professional/Gallucci building near the Cleveland Clinic – Hillcrest Hospital, just off of the Outerbelt E Fwy, there is plenty of parking out front. The Mayfield location provides low-pressure hearing aid services to people of all ages. Our customers are thrilled with the service they receive, whether they are just picking up hearing aid batteries, getting a hearing aid repair or doing a trial on one of our models. We do most of the repairs in-house, which saves you time and money and we can repair any age or brand of hearing aid. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and book an appointment or drop in Monday to Thursday from 9am until 5pm. Meet with our owner Holly or our other hearing instrument specialists in Mayfield.